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American Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. ABHS exists for the purpose of serving those in need of behavioral health intervention in order to regain effective control of their lives. We believe that most individuals have the ability to overcome their personal difficulties, but often are in need of assistance, guidance, and counseling in order to successfully reach their goal. Through continued assessment, education and intervention, ABHS staff will diligently address the needs of all clients admitted into our programs.

American Behavioral Health Systems is one of only a few programs in Washington State that offers 3-tiers of treatment: detoxification services for substance use disorders; residential treatment programs for substance dependence and co-occurring disorders; and intensive outpatient/outpatient services for mental health problems, substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.

ABHS offers fully integrated treatment with medication assisted treatment (MAT) for every client who is appropriate. Clients can see a family nurse practitioner and a psychiatric nurse practitioner every week if needed, where they can be screened for common medical problems, helping aide with treatment.

With our fully integrated treatment clients receive:

• Treatment or referrals for their conditions.
• Some medical services on site.
• An expert who can intervene early before additional concerns develop, or current ones worsen.

We are dedicated to providing quality comprehensive care in an environment conducive to treating each individual with dignity and respect in the provision of education, counseling, and training for the skills necessary to mainstream with society as a productive and socially responsible person.


“Very helpful staff. A life changing experience”
Levi Neuschwander

“I was there from February 1st of 2016 till May 2nd of 2016 and it was awesome!! I’m still clean and sober (15 months and 24 days now)”

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