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Freedom from Addiction

Since 1997, ABHS has given hope to those struggling with addiction, and we are now also serving those in need of mental health treatment; providing the full continuum of care for persons in need of behavioral health intervention. Substance use disorders and mental health disorders often occur at the same time - known as Co-Occurring Disorder.

At ABHS we are committed to providing the best treatment available. Our therapeutic approach is evidence-based, and our trained addiction specialists, care teams, and administration are readily available to serve those in need when they are ready. We have helped thousands enter recovery and go on to live fulfilled lives of happiness, hope, and health.

People participating in group therapy for addiction treatment

Nationwide opioid crisis:
The State of Washington has seen the impacts of this crisis and lacks appropriate patient access to Acute Detox Centers and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Every day, more than 90 Americans die after overdosing on opioids. According to a report published by the University of Washington’s Alcohol and Drug Institute (2015), Washington State has seen a 30.9% increase in Opioid related deaths since 2004.

After reviewing this data, ABHS responded to the problem by creating a Secure Withdrawal Management (Acute Detox) Center specializing in medication-assisted opioid treatment.

ABHS specializes in Opioid treatment offering Vivitrol and Suboxone for the low income and Medicaid eligible populations of Washington State. ABHS treats individuals, who require medically assisted detox from Alcohol and Amphetamines. We also address Benzodiazepine and Barbiturate withdrawal provided prior medical clearance is obtained from a licensed medical professional.

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The path to recovery begins with assessing your need for care, and in what order to plan for treatment.

Mental Health

Many people struggle with some type of mental health disorder, weather they are aware of it or not.


We’ve created a comfortable, nurturing space where you can focus on your goal of cleansing your body of all harmful substances.

Medical Service

Clients can see a family nurse practitioner and a psychiatric nurse practitioner every week if needed, where they can be screened for common medical problems, helping aide with treatment.

Case Management

The goal of our case managers is to provide the least restrictive level of care necessary, so that life is disrupted as little as possible.

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ABHS exists for the purpose of serving those in need of behavioral health intervention in order to regain effective control of their lives.

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ABHS offers a full list of treatment services in environments that are comfortable with staff that are caring.

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