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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What funding do you accept?
A: Medicaid, Offender, DOSA, Private

Q: How long is the blackout?
A: 7 days

Q: What medications are restricted?
A: All meds are reviewed on a case by case basis

Q: Where can I get an assessment?
A: Chemical Dependency Agencies in your area

Q: Do you allow smoking/chewing tobacco?
A: ABHS allows smoking in our facilities

Q: How long is the program?
A: Our program is ASAM driven, there is no set day of completion

Q: Can clients have money, cash, checks or money orders?
A: Clients are allowed to have money

Q: Can clients receive mail/what can I send?
A: Clients can receive mail, packages and drop offs.

Q: Are you Co-ed?
A: We are a Co-ed facility, but men and women are kept apart

Q: How do I get scheduled?
A: Call admissions and make an appointment

Q: How big is the facility?
A: Our facilities vary in size from 12 to 229 beds

Q: How many people per room?
A: Room sizes vary from 2 to 6 occupants