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Family & Friends

We know how important your loved one's recovery is to the entire family. To help answer any questions you may have regarding visitation, contact/phone calls, and or care packages, please see below:

Visitation Guidelines & Application Package – Form provided to scan in

What can I bring?

The following is a list of recommended personal items that you can bring to a loved one. Please, NO pornographic materials of any sort. Any garments with alcohol or drug-related advertising is strictly forbidden.

  1. Good attitude and willingness to change
  2. All hair care products (alcohol free and no aerosol cans)
  3. Personal hygiene products (i.e., deodorant, toothpaste, but no aerosol cans)
  4. Sleepwear (non-revealing)
  5. Robe
  6. Slippers
  7. Shower socks/shoes
  8. Personal bath towels and washcloths
  9. Favorite blanket or comforter
  10. Favorite pillow
  11. 6-7 days of clothing (nothing tight or revealing)
  12. Inexpensive garments (those that can be laundered). Dry cleaning not available
  13. Tablets or spiral notebooks (for personal use)
  14. Stamps, envelopes, stationary, personal spiral notebook
  15. 3-ring binder
  16. Roll of quarters
  17. Alarm clock (NO radio clocks)
  18. Medication (If possible, please make sure medications are in "bubble packs") Also, all medications (i.e., prescribed medication and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, creams) given in sample form must have a written prescription


  1. NO alcohol or illegal drugs
  2. NO narcotic prescription drugs
  3. NO drugs or drug paraphernalia
  4. NO over-the-counter medications or vitamins (unless you have a prescription)
  5. NO weapons
  6. NO electronic devices (i.e., TV, radio, computer/laptops, cell phones, cameras, CD players, MP3 players, I-Pods)
  7. NO car
  8. NO caffeinated products
  9. NO mouthwash
  10. NO aerosol sprays
  11. NO pornography
  12. NO white-out or paint
  13. NO tools/weapons
  14. NO expensive jewelry
  15. NO cell phone or pager (If brought, they will be placed in storage)
  16. NO Q-tips
  17. NO bandanas
  18. NO outside food or beverages
  19. NO Bad Attitude – most of all

When can I call?

You can call the facility in which your loved one is receiving treatment at anytime with general questions, but you cannot call to speak with your loved one directly. While you can call and leave messages, your loved one will have to call you back. Calling Cards or Cash is required for phone calls, and would be a great item to send your love one to treatment with, or bring when you visit.

When can I visit?

Client Visitation will either be on a Sat or Sunday depending on who their counselor is, you will need to contact the client to find out which day and time he/she has been assigned.

Depending on the volume of visitors we will try to remain in one room. This will ensure that we can properly monitor our clients.

All visits will be 90 minutes in length.

(Note: clients have more than one visiting session per day, i.e. they can see 2 people for 90 minutes then see a different person for another 90 minutes.)

No Inappropriate Personal Contact will be tolerated. Holding hands during visit is ok but personal displays of affection are not allowed.

Clients will limit the number of visitors to 2 adults only unless there are small children with them.

*Young children will be allowed to stay beyond the allotted time as long as they are accompanied by adults. Example – if you have different visitors who each do 90 minutes then the kids can stay for each visitation session, this will allow parents to spend more time with their children.*


When VISITORS come in to our facility the following rules must be followed:

  1. All visitors must adhere to appropriate clothing attire.
  2. All visitors will empty their pockets of jackets and pants then turn them inside out.
  3. Any personal items must be left in their car, i.e. purses, cell phones, etc.
  4. All visitors will be asked to take care of personal issues prior to meeting with clients, i.e. bathroom, smoke break, etc.
  5. If visitors have small children they will consent to having diaper bags, car seats or baby seats, and blankets searched prior to visit.
  6. Visitors will remain in the visiting area for allotted visit during all times. If they need to leave the visit for any reason the visit will be over.
    • The only exception is for small children and Elderly who need to use the restroom.