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What To Bring

Client Personal Items List

The following is a list of recommended personal items that all new clients should consider bringing with them to treatment. Please, NO pornographic materials of any sort. Any garments with alcohol or drug related advertising are strictly forbidden.

  1. Good attitude and willingness to change
  2. Personal hygiene products - new and unopened. *Alcohol cannot be listed in the first 5 ingredients.
  3. Sleepwear (non-revealing)
  4. Robe and slippers
  5. Shower socks/shoes
  6. Personal bath towels and wash cloths
  7. Favorite blanket or comforter (no electric blankets)
  8. Favorite pillow (1)
  9. 5-7 days of clothing (nothing tight or revealing)
  10. Inexpensive garments that can be laundered (dry cleaning is not available)
  11. Tablets, spiral notebooks or 3-ring binder for personal use (no electronic tablets)
  12. Stamps, envelopes, stationary or a notebook
  13. Roll of quarters for vending machines
  14. Alarm clock (no radio)
  15. Cigarettes/Tobacco - New and unopened only
  16. Clear plastic water bottles only
  17. Medications (If possible please make sure medications are put in “bubble packs”) Also, all medications (i.e. prescribed medications and over the counter drugs, vitamins, creams) must have a written prescription.

Items not to bring

The following is a list of personal items that are not allowed in treatment.

  1. NO alcohol or illegal drugs
  2. NO drugs or drug paraphernalia
  3. NO over the counter medication or vitamins (unless you have a prescription)
  4. NO Perfumes or Colognes
  5. NO weapons or tools
  6. NO electronic devices (i.e. TV’s, radios, computers/laptops/ cell phones/ cameras or recording devices, CD or MP3 players)
  7. NO electronic cigarettes
  8. NO cars or vehicles
  9. NO caffeinated products or energy drinks
  10. NO aerosol sprays/cans
  11. NO pornography
  12. NO fingernail polish or remover
  13. NO white out or paint
  14. NO expensive jewelry
  15. NO Q-tips or swabs
  16. NO bandannas
  17. NO tampons
  18. NO outside food or beverages
  19. Most of all NO BAD ATTITUDE