Treatment modalities used within our intensive residential program include: Therapeutic Community; Emotional Interviewing; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Counseling, Psycho-education, Case Management, and Individual Counseling. Services provided by a Chemical Dependency Professional are between 5 and 20 hours a week depending on assessed level of care.

During your stay, you’ll be surrounded by well-trained clinicians who understand what you’re going through—and care deeply about your success. They’ll support you every step of the way with guidance, encouragement and opportunities to empower yourself.

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) can be received if patients is screened and found appropriate. A family nurse practitioner and a psychiatric nurse practitioner can be seen weekly to be screened for common medical problems, helping aide with their current treatment plan.

With our fully integrated treatment patients receive:

• Treatment or referrals for their conditions.
• Some medical services on site.
• An expert who can intervene early before additional concerns develop, or current ones worsen.