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Medical Service

ABHS offers fully integrated treatment care. Clients can see a family nurse practitioner and a psychiatric nurse practitioner every week if needed, where they can be screened for common medical problems, helping aide with treatment.

With our fully integrated treatment clients receive:

• Treatment or referrals for their conditions
• Some medical services on site
• An expert who can intervene early before additional concerns develop, or current ones worsen


At ABHS you will be able to get a psychiatric evaluation; this is typically a 60-90-minute session and involves comprehensive review of past clinical history, diagnostic formulation, and a treatment plan.


ABHS has a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) who can prescribe medications for those who have mental health needs with or without chemical dependency. A mental health assessment must be conducted first. After completing an assessment, you can then be seen by the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.